No Course Title Language Main Sector
1 Government Audit on Public Construction Works English Governance
2 Management of Correctional Facilities and Rehabilitation of Offenders English Governance
3 Competition Law and Policy -Laying the Foundation for Promoting Competition- English Governance
4 Financial Regulation and Supervision English Economic Policy
5 Stock Exchange Development English Economic Policy
6 Collaborative Program between WB and JICA : Assessing and Managing Debt-related Fiscal Risks English Economic Policy
7 International Taxation for Asian Countries English Economic Policy
8 International Seminar on Taxation (General) English Economic Policy
9 International Seminar on Taxation (Advanced) English Economic Policy
10 Policy Making in a Digital Age English Information and Communication Technology(Utilization of ICT)
11 Early Childhood Development (Asia) English Education
12 Capacity Development for the Education Policy Formulation and Analysis for Learning Improvement English Education
13 Strengthening Inclusive Education System for Children with Disabilities-For Learning and Living Together- English Education
14 Upgrading the Pre-Service Primary Teacher Education and Training-Change the Teacher, Change the Future!- English Education
15 Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities English Social Security
16 Ending TB and Response to Health Emergency -Innovation in Health System Development- English Health
17 Health Policy Development and Implementation toward UHC -An Introduction to Japan’s Achievements and Challenges English Health
18 Strengthening of Community Health System for Infectious Diseases Control English Health
19 Enhancement of Nursing Management Towards Universal Health Coverage English Health
20 Improving Safety and Quality Control of Livestock Products Focusing on Milk, Meat and Eggs English Agricultural Development
21 Sustainable Business Management of Agri-Business for CIS and Mongolia English Agricultural Development
22 Agriculture and Rural Development through the Paricipation of Local Farmers English Rural Development
23 Plant Variety Protection and Quality Control System of Seeds to Facilitate Distribution of High Quality Seeds English Agricultural Development
24 Establishment and Development of Farmers’ Organizations English Agricultural Development
25 Strengthening Safety Management System of Agricultural Products English Agricultural Development
26 Soil Diagnosis and Improvement Technology for Sustainable Agricultural Production English Agricultural Development
27 Human Resource Development for Creating Tourism Destination for Sustainable Tourism English Private Sector Development
28 Small and Medium Enterprise Development Policies English Private Sector Development
29 Business Innovation (IoT, AI) in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) English Private Sector Development
30 Enhancement of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem English Private Sector Development
31 Practical Technology on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) English Transportation
32 Development of the Sustainable and Reliable Logistics System in Asian Region English Transportation
33 National and Regional Development Policy English Urban/Regional Development
34 Comprehensive Urban Transportation Planning English Urban/Regional Development
35 Urban Public Transport (Railway, MRT, Bus, etc.) English Urban/Regional Development
36 Energy Policy English Natural Resources and Energy
37 Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage System English Environmental Management
38 Designing of E-WASTE Management English Environmental Management
39 Solid Waste Management towards Recycle Oriented Society (Emphasis on Partnership between Public Entities and Citizens) English Environmental Management
40 ICT Core Personnel Development (C) IT Architect English Information and Communication Technology(Utilization of ICT)
41 Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities through a Community-Based Inclusive Approach (B) English Social Security
42 Medical Equipment Management and Maintenance (F) English Health
43 Hospital Management (C) English Health
44 Promotion of Food Value Chain for Community-Based Agri-Business (B) English Agricultural Development
45 Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Strategy (B) English Private Sector Development
46 Power?Grid Planning and Operation?(B) English Natural Resources and Energy
47 Stabilizing Power Systems to Introduce Various Kinds of Renewable Energy(B) English Natural Resources and Energy